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and the sun will rise in the jasmine sky

as i lie awake in your bed

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CSS by faceon. Thanks so much :)

Overview Hey! My name is Anetra and I am a middle school kid who adores graphic design and computers. Rupert Grint is my man so ladies, hands off. ;]

Rules Please, for the love of the good Person up in heaven, CREDIT. Don't hotlink, it eats up a lot of bandwith. Please comment since I love feedback! :3 Also, don't use my icons off of LJ (MSN is ok) and put them up on your site, Xanga, Greatest Journal or whatever.

Requesting By all means, go ahead and request =] I'll definitely try to get around to doing everything requested. I cant think up everything on my own, can I?

Friending and Affiliating Sure, why not? If you're interested, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. :]

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~ Did I forget to list you? Just let me know!